Sunday Message: Glen Scrivener – The Gospel (1 Corinthians 15:1-11, Matthew 3:13-17)


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Tony Dungy – It’s easy to get disappointed with God.

  • A successful career in the NFL would seem to be a dream come true. Money, notoriety, and accolades. Tony Dungy was living that dream, coaching the perennially losing Tampa Bay Buccaneers to a regular spot in the playoffs. It seemed that everything was working out as planned, until he was fired for not winning the championship. Just what was he going to do now?

    Eventually repeating the same success as head coach of the Indianapolis Colts, Dungy still battled against doubters in his abilities. Could a Super Bowl victory be the only place of redemption? Or was there another, better way, to understand the big picture of his life?

    | Watch Tony Dungy (8:12)  |  Watch Tony Dungy prayer breakfast (4:16)

  • After his super bowl win
  • Tony Dungy after the super bowl win

Today’s Sunday Message:

Message: Glen Scrivener – The Gospel (1 Corinthians 15:1-11, Matthew 3:13-17) – Audio 21:00
Part of the The Marks of a Healthy Church series, preached at a Sunday Morning

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