Sunday Message: Glen Scrivener God Steps In (Exodus 2:11-3:15)


Opening Prayer

Last week’s passage overview:

Brian Welch: From Korn to Jesus

  • Former guitarist and co-founder of heavy rock group Korn, Brian Welch talks about the amazing turn his life took when he accepted God for who He is. Saved from drugs and addiction, Welch tells his amazing testimony of Jesus’ love and salvation.

    | Watch Brian Welch  (11:33)

Today’s Sunday Message:

Message: Glen Scrivener God Steps In (Exodus 2:11-3:15) – Audio 34:16
Part of the Exodus – The Great Escape series, preached at a Souls at 7

  • We will continue next Sunday with Dr. Calvin Wittman’s  Judges series.  The complete series can be found here
  • Group Prayer
  • Hymns

This week studies:

  • For this week read, pray and be prepare to share what stood out to you in Psalms 43  Bible Gateway NASB  |   ESV
  • Passage overview by Dr. J. Vernon McGee Psalms 43
  • Continue to go through the Torah Class As a personal study.
  • Thursday night dinner and the Word. Feed your belly and your soul. We are on ROMANS this week.
  • Pick an unsaved friend this week and pray for them to be open to God’s Good News

Have a great week in the Lord!