Sunday Message: Dr. Calvin Wittman, Judges – Sermon 4 – Shamgar: The Cowpoke Who Saved Israel



This Week:

  • For this week read, pray and be prepare to share what stood out to you in Psalms 35   Bible Gateway NASB  |   ESV
  • Passage overview by Dr. J. Vernon McGee Psalms 35  6:43
  • Continue to go through the Torah Class As a personal study.
  • Thursday night dinner and a sermon. Feed your belly and your soul. We are on Acts 20 this week.
  • Pick an unsaved friend this week and pray for them to be open to God’s Good News


Opening Prayer


Last week Passage in Psalms overview:


Richard Wurmbrand’s Testimony: The Beauty of Nothing

  • Richard Wurmbrand was put in jail for 14 years because of his faith in Jesus Christ, but experienced joy and peace even though he was tortured and had no possessions. | Video  9:27


Today’s Sunday Message:

Message: Dr. Calvin Wittman,  Judges -Sermon 4 – Shamgar: The Cowpoke Who Saved Israel – Audio  35:38

  • Dr. Calvin Wittman’s complete Judges series can be found here
  • Group Prayer
  • Hymns

Have a great week in the Lord!