Sunday Message: Glen Scrivener, Church in the Wilderness 1, Deuteronomy 8:1-5


Opening Prayer

This Week:

  • Happy Mothers Day!!!
  • For this week read, pray and be prepare to share what stood out to you in Psalms 31
  • Passage overview by Dr. J. Vernon McGee Psalms 31
  • Continue to go through the Torah Class As a personal study.
  • Thursday night dinner and a sermon. Feed your belly and your soul.
  • Pick an unsaved friend this week and pray for them to be open to God’s Good News

Great Sacrifice, Great Faith, Great Forgiveness:

  • Elisabeth Elliot is one of a number of great women of the Christian faith that I have deep admiration for. I remember as a young girl hearing about her husband, Jim Elliot, and other missionaries, including Nate Saint, who were killed in Ecuador by what were then known as the Auca Indians. My mother made sure that we knew all about the sacrifice that they made because they loved Jesus enough to want to share what He had done for them. The remarkable thing is that Elisabeth and other wives who had lost their husbands went into the tribes and worked with these people in spite of what had been done to their husbands. There is so very much to know and share that I am sure we will only touch the surface, but I hope to provide you with resources so that you can learn more about this remarkable woman.  | Resource Link

Today’s Sunday Message:

Message: Glen Scrivener, Church in the Wilderness 1, Deuteronomy 8:1-5 – Audio | Read

  • Group Prayer
  • Hymns

Have a great week in the Lord!