Sunday Message: Dr. Calvin Wittman, 1 John 3, From Life Unto Death


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Reading of 1 John 3

Message: Dr. Calvin Wittman, 1 John 3, From Life Unto Death – Audio
Jesus alone is the way to eternal life. His death and resurrection provide the means for us to have life with Him forever.

by Dr. Calvin Wittman

It is Easter Sunday, the day we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ from the grave. As a Christian, one who believes in the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ, it has been interesting to watch how our culture continues to reinterpret this holy day.

A quick internet search shows more attention given these days to Easter sales and Easter getaway air fares than to the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The world around us, unaware of the eternal significance behind this celebration, is more concerned with candy eggs and new clothes than they are with a risen Savior and the new life He offers.

As followers of Jesus Christ, it is of absolute importance that we not allow the meaning of this day to in any way be diminished by the pagan world around us. To the contrary, this holiday, like Christmas, presents us with the unique opportunity to discuss the reason behind the season. Easter is about the resurrection of Jesus from the dead.

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